Did you know that by the early 1950s, country music had already earned a reasonably large audience? With its steel guitars, thrilling tales of love and heartbreak, plus the intriguing fashion style, people were bound to fall for this music genre.

Decades later, the number of country music lovers worldwide has massively increased. Even so, its popularity hasn’t stopped the spread of certain untruths about it. These popular myths about this music genre include the following.

1. Country Lyrics Lack Substance

Some people have, for the longest time, believed that country lyrics do not have any substance. Some even say that these songs are all about beers, tractors, heartbreaks, cheating, and cowboys. The truth is, each country music lyric matters because it carries so much emotion and inspiration. If people who believe this myth spent a little more time listening to country music, they’d understand this.

2. Country Music Fans Must Own Countless Boots and Hats

Have you also heard about this fallacy? There’s a congregation of ignorant people who argue that you must invest in the most extensive collection of large cowboy hats and boots if you are a loyal country fan. In contrast, you only need a few of those to wear to the country concerts you attend, or whenever you feel like it.

3. Country Singers Are All Men

Lots of people say that country musicians are all older men with grey hair and fantastic cowboy hats. It’s a lie! There are plenty of young people, including women, in the country music scene today. Great examples include Lucy Hale, Maddie & Tae, Miranda Lambert, Cassadee Pope, Brett Young, Chris Young, Luke Combs, and RaeLynn.

4. Most Country Fans Are Working-Class

This myth about country music lovers has been doing the rounds for a while now. The working class may be a part of country music fans, but those who don’t work are also in that pool. Others include students and retired individuals.

5. Country Fans Are Uneducated

Many people have often said that a massive portion of the country music audience is uneducated, but it’s just a misconception. The country music fan pool comprises many people, including highly-educated and skilled individuals.

6. Country Fans and Singers Don’t Like Other Music Genres

Just because someone sings country songs, or is a fan, doesn’t mean that they don’t like other music genres like pop, rock, or hip-hop. Factually, most country singers and fans spend part of their time enjoying different types of music.

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