The roots of country music come from the Southern Appalachian region of the US and can be traced back over 100 years. This toe-tapping genre of music started with fiddle players from that region, and by the late 1920s, Jimmie Rodgers emerged as the first great country vocalist. Kitty Wells was a pioneering female country artist.

Lovers of country music appreciate all kinds of artists and tracks, no matter where they come from. And while Nashville is still regarded as the capital of the country music world, wandering country listeners can find plenty of satisfaction farther afield. Did you know, for instance, that there’s a thriving country music scene in Denmark?

Enjoy Danish Country Music & Live Like a Dane

Kicking back and enjoying some Danish country music seems an agreeable thing to do if you’re open to some new sounds. You might even embrace the Danish way of living! Surround yourself with beautiful Danish design, known for its minimalism and clean lines. Buy some Georg Jensen silverware or furniture by Holmbäck Nordentoft. Declutter and relax. Drink a cold Carlsberg and revel in all that is good about Danish life, including its country music.

Danish Country Music

Danes are known for many things: their humility, egalitarian nature, quirky and dry sense of humor, and their trustworthiness. Denmark has produced some notable musicians, like drummer Lars Ulrich of Metallica fame, and there are many Danish country artists you could and should listen to. See them live if you can!

The following list showcases just a handful of the great country music artists hailing from Denmark:

  • Birger Steiwer – a popular country soloist performing modern and classic country music.
  • Dennis Greis Lydom – rockabilly singer and lead vocalist of Johnny Horsepower with a talent for Johnny Cash covers.
  • Ester Brohus – popular award-winning Danish country singer born in Hjørring, North Denmark Region.
  • Leif Kerstein & Countryband – regular performers on the Danish country scene.
  • ThirdWheelDrive – folk and country band performing its own material as well as covers.
  • Wenche Hartmann – leading Danish country artist associated with several record labels.
  • Ulla Lindstroem – Danish singer, songwriter and Nashville recording artist linked to Country Discovery Records.

Country Music Clubs in Denmark

If you’re lucky enough to be in Denmark, where can you catch up with the acts mentioned above and others? Like all music, country music is fabulous when experienced live. Here are some Danish country music clubs and festivals where you can soak up the atmosphere:

  • Copenhagen Country Music Club (CCMC) holds regular events for members and non-members
  • Country Music Club of Avedøre (CMCA)
  • Kaktus Country Club in Fjenneslev (founded in 1988)
  • Little Village Country Music Club, Christianshavn
  • Truckstop Festival (annual) at Fruelundparken, Øster Hurup, near the Kattegat sea

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