Any musician will know that having a space that’s comfortable and relaxing is important for the music writing process. Whether you’re looking to write down some new lyrics, rehearse the necessary chords before a performance, or are simply listening to some music – having a cosy music room can help to bring out your creative juices, and here we’ll tell you exactly how to create one.

Soft Furnishings

For a room to have the cosiest atmosphere possible, then soft furnishings are a must. Whilst modernity and clean lines can look sleek and stylish, few things can come close to softer furnishings in maximising the comfort and warmth of a room. Consider carpets and rugs for the flooring, which will also help with soundproofing your music room if you’re hoping to alleviate any disturbances for your neighbours.

Sofas can also be an excellent addition to a music room, allowing you to comfortably spread out and truly unwind into the cushions and soft fabrics. If putting a sofa into your music room, you should check out the sofa covers available from Bemz which can help to change up the style of the sofa a little and help protect it from wear and tear and any accidental spillages. Sofas can become worn over time, so caring for them properly and protecting them with covers can help maximise their lifespan.


Add a touch of decoration to your music room and avoid being too plain and boring in there. A music room is a space for creativity and for you to relax whilst getting into that music-creating process, so using different colours can help bring the room to life and create an inspiring environment to create your music.

If you’re hoping to create a space that has a warm and cosy atmosphere, consider using colours that reflect more warmth in their tones – such as deep reds, subtle oranges or even some earthy shades of brown. Artwork from your favourite artists, or photographs of musicians that inspire you, can help add some additional decor to your music room whilst being excellent sources of inspiration. Also, consider some additional decorative furnishings such as table centre-pieces and maybe even some candles so that a more calming and relaxing atmosphere can be created.

On the whole, your music room should be a comfortable space for you to unwind and relax whilst creating that next masterpiece. Choose colours and furnishings that can amplify this kind of cosy atmosphere.

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