3am with Veronica Douglin

We envision this being a radio show dedicated to music and stories. The plan is to have a distinct theme every week and to solicit stories/to have guests or callers (and ourselves) come on the show and tell stories relevant to the theme. Interspersed throughout would be music corresponding to the theme; the entire body of music we share would tell its own story over the course of the episode. We are also planning on having discussions based on the evocations of the theme in the given stories. The point of this is to celebrate the experiences of students we see every day, as well as call attention to the funny, sad, awkward, or amusing moments of daily life. We're also pretty dedicated to the idea of establishing community through vulnerability; telling these stories would be hopefully cathartic for speakers, while establishing a connection with listeners. We aim to foster a lighthearted and jovial atmosphere. It'll ideally be chill and lowkey, but also engaging.

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