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10 AM Live From New York
11 AM Live From the Quiet Room
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3 PM Kaleidoscopic Tapenade Pasta Bar Swarth and More with Martin Rakowszczyk THE underGRADUATE
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5 PM Ice tea vs crumpets Goodvibes central
6 PM Two Bros Chillin' in a Hot Tub
7 PM Deep Cuts and Cold Cuts Bedtime Stories My Sister Hates This Dwayne the Rock Radio Hyeyun & Peiyi Welcome To Love Island
8 PM FREE_SPACE Divine Intervention Imaginary Friends Sam's Radio Show Happy Hour
9 PM apéritif/digestif Who''s That Brown?! Skeleton with a mullet part II Swarthmore Tonight Show with Quincy Ponvert School Night Music Vibes Gold.
10 PM Baseball and Deathwalls Days of beg wild krafty-1 (:( Deep Sounds Presents: Tasty Tracks heatwave Techno Archive
11 PM Rubberb& Show Some British Crap I Guess Confessions of a Modern Emo San Pedro