New Music Reviews 2/28/16

Phil Teumim – All Over the Map – Americana/Folk

I’d call it a mix between mumford and sons, bob dylan, and raffi (the childrens song guy). Mostly folk kind of music, but it changes sonically and instrumentally based on the theme of the song. He also seems to be very concerned about his colon and anus, as the song “Colonoscopy” describes in very colorful detail. Huge difference in theme and sound from song to song. Some of them are hilarious. His voice is kind of iffy, but if you like it this music is definitely worth checking out. Lyrics/vocals are very interesting. 

Episode – Swim – indie rock

Episode’s indie single ‘Swim’ is pretty iffy. Sounds like some radio indie, kind of like blink 182 or the all american rejects. Little bit of weezer thrown in there too. Doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, but if you wanna feel like a yearning teenager in the early 2000s take a listen.

Reviewed by Noah?


Sidney Brielle – COA center of attention – pop hip-hop

We recieved an e-mail with Sidney’s music from her mom/manager that was very warm. If Sidney’s mom loves her as much as she wrote about in the e-mail, I think we should give Sidney the time of day she deserves. She’s got some nice r&b sounds of aaliyah, with some pop beats akin to p!nk and Beyonce, and a voice that can back it all up. It’s a great listen, worth checking out. Overall, the sound comes a little short of quality, but I’m sure Sidney and her mom are gonna grow into a great sonic identity eventually. I’d keep you’re eye out for her in the future. 

Reviewed by Noah!


Itzel Damaris – A lot like me – pop singer/songwriter

Super simple and pretty bad pop. She sounds kind of like morrissey and kelly clarkson but more operatic. Really annoying voice–hits a high note and holds it strong. The music couldn’t be more plain. If you like her voice, it could be nice. Not for me. 

Reviewed by Noah


Mutiny – Undefined EP – art rock

‘that guy kinda sounds like the guy from nickelback’. super plain art rock. Alright riffs, but they don’t really do anything with it. its got a little bit of a metal vibe. the lyrics are terrible, but the singing fits with the sound. if you enjoy art rock with heavy riffs, its nice to listen to and worth checking out. 

Reviewed by Noah


Oblivion – 3rd International – psych rock

Its like a bunch of middle aged white dudes wanted to be pink floyd, and threw in a little extra hard rock. Pretty classic psych sound. Sonically very focused on the guitar, which is definitely Hendrix inspired. Kinda fun to listen to, but I feel like you’d be better of listening to floyd. 

Reviewed by Noah


Ice’n’Easy EP – Hd Substance – Techno

The stuff from Detroit Underground (the record label) I’ve listened to has largely been primarily glitch and bass music, though there’s always been an underlying respect of techno in their aesthetic and releases. This EP is blatantly techno so to me it’s a little bit like detund still intends to maintain that connection. The description explains that Hd Substance is a “Spanish analogue wizard”, which upon scrutiny can be reasonable if you understand “analogue” to mean “old-school”. In some ways I’m a bit disappointed in that there’s nothing specifically groundbreaking here as I’ve sort of expected from detund in the past, but that doesn’t actually stop the release itself from being pretty solid. Tracks 2-5 are lush with fuzzy saw pads and/or satisfying leads, and the songs have enough momentum and progression that you feel like you’re getting somewhere while they steadily introduce other intriguing sounds. The first and last tracks are kind of uninteresting and aimless but you can kind of figure that out from their titles too–“Dope Jam”/”Fake Rhodes”, like he knew that the songs themselves didn’t mean much so I don’t know why he thought it’d be a good idea to open and end the release with. It was a strange choice but in a way also correlates with how I feel about the EP in that it’s not particularly deep and ultimately I wouldn’t have minded missing it, but again that doesn’t stop the middle tracks from being formidable enough that they could turn heads in the right context/mix.




Amber Rubarth- Scribbled Folk Symphonies- Easy Listening

If the name of this album doesn’t tip you off to exactly how it’s going to sound, you are scum and do not deserve my time. But I am merciful, and will explain it to you. This sounds almost exactly like something that Colbie Callait would put out, same voice, same light guitar, sparce string arrangements in the background, and also the same lyrical content. That’s not to say it isn’t bad, if you like that kind of music, this is a perfectly average contribution to the genre, and you will enjoy it, but you’ll also be scum and not worth my time.



Duffelbag Trizzy- Where were you- Hip Hop

This is a hip hop track that is so exceedingly average that I don’t even know how to begin to describe it.



Archie and the Bunkers- High Rolling Weekend in Las Vegas- Metal/Alt

This is some pretty standard lite metal alt rock stuff here, not bad keyboard work backing some of the vocals in the song, but these guys stood out to be because of the magnificent masterpiece that accompanied their sample email exhibited below


Cambodian Space Project – I’m Sixteen / Chnam Oun Dop Pram Mouy – Cambodian Rock

I’ve tangentially sort of been getting into Southeast Asian rock (anyone listen to that dope Thai pop hits album floating around the station so I was a bit excited about this release. They live up to the “space” attribute in that it’s like surf-rock but possibly more cosmic. I’m not sure if I’m just hearing morrissey in everything today but some of the vocal phrasing reminds me of him so that’s kind of cool. Kudos to the harmonica too I guess? Over all it is not terribly convincing but isn’t worthless either, my biggest question is what the hell the name is supposed to imply.



Yungg V – Sucessful (sp?) – Hip Hop

This isn’t terrible



Fall Break

Most of our DJs are off campus so this week we’re working on playing the shows that have been archived this semester. This also means we’ll be streaming 24/7!
Happy fall break!

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“To Pimp a Butterfly” Review

“To Pimp a Butterfly” Review

We don’t listen to Renaissance music very much any more. There are a couple of famous pieces – honestly, I can’t even recall them off the top of my head, but you know, like music in movies. It’s just music from a very long time ago. So we would only listen to it if it was really good – I guess some people listen to Renaissance music quite avidly, which perhaps disproves, or perhaps proves by inversion, my theory. Nevertheless, the amount of Renaissance music in the public consciousness is not particularly large. I mean, c’mon, it was four hundred years ago! Who would listen to Renaissance tunes now? We only have a very faint understanding of what constitutes greatness in Renaissance music.

This is all to say that four hundred years from now we will still listen to Kendrick Lamar’s new album, “To Pimp a Butterfly”. People will write books about this album. There will be university professors around the world who study hip hop, and they will talk a lot about this album – the rest of the world is unsure why these university professors are even paid money to study such an archaic form of music. They will have moved on to “The Jet Stream With Three Tiers”, “Bushel of Tiger Sweat”, and “Imaginistic Polygonal Sensation”, to use their colloquial names. The future is so beautiful, and we must keep it absolutely safe at all times. This is all to say that I want you to donate to the future, give them money and lend a hand. I’ve got a couple of brochures if you want to learn more. Send me an email at

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WSRN Would Like to Remind Its Dear Listeners

WSRN Would Like to Remind Its Dear Listeners That On This Day, Feb. 23, in 1896, the Tootsie Roll™ Was Invented.

Thank You For Listening To Student Radio!

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Beware Marauding Carp: Inaugural Edition

From left to right, Casey, Dana, Kara, and Emma.
From left to right, Casey, Dana, Kara, and Emma.

We had a great run! Thanks for listening, and be sure to tell your friends to tune in Fridays from 9-11am!

Thanks to Emma Madarasz and Dana Benton for spicing up our show!


<3 Carp-e Diem, Friends.

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WSRN is down

Something has happened and the station isn’t turning on. It may be a blown fuse, we’ll try to get back up and running ASAP.

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Broadcasting begins today!

Broadcasting begins in 8 hours! (technically)

You won’t be hearing much until 2pm today though. Thanks to Christine Jung for kicking off the semester with her show No Art! Here’s to a great semester of radio radio radio radioooo


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big big big big meeting

Welcome back to radio swarthmore! fall 2014 radio!

If you haven’t received the big news we’re having a big meeting in the big room of radio on parrish 4th on wednesday at 10pm. We’ll be talking about radio stuff, really important questions like:

“what is radio?” “who does radio?” “where is radio?” “when is radio?” and “why radio?”

from mr. station manager axel kodat:

DJs, soon-to-be-DJs, Nancy Reagan,

Big Meeting (is the thing you should go to if you want a radio show)
Wednesday 9/10, 10 PM (is when it is)
WSRN Big Room (is where it is, on Parrish 4th, through the double doors near the kitchen)
Bring all ur friends.
And ur frenemies.
And ur enemies.
Cuz we’re a Big Happy Family.


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