Under the Hill – April 1st, 2k14

Under the Hill

Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
Dana Krueger, mezzanine soprano; Peter Luyre, piano; Prof. Peter Schickele, devious instruments Peter Schickele - Four Folk Song Settings Classical WTWP Talkity-Talk Radio TELARC
Mary Kay Fink, piccolo; Felix Krause, english horn; Linnea Nereim, bass clarinet; Stanley Maret, contrabassoon; Laura Okuniewski, harp; Joela Jones, celesta Peter Schickele - 'Safe' Sextet Classical WTWP Talkity-Talk Radio TELARC
Tennessee Bassoon Quartet Peter Schickele - Lip My Reeds Bach (PDQ): Music For An Awful Lot Of Winds & Percussion TELARC
Christopher O'Riley Peter Schickele - The Short-Tempered Clavier The Short-Tempered Clavier and other dysfunctional works for keyboard TELARC