“To Pimp a Butterfly” Review

“To Pimp a Butterfly” Review

We don’t listen to Renaissance music very much any more. There are a couple of famous pieces – honestly, I can’t even recall them off the top of my head, but you know, like music in movies. It’s just music from a very long time ago. So we would only listen to it if it was really good – I guess some people listen to Renaissance music quite avidly, which perhaps disproves, or perhaps proves by inversion, my theory. Nevertheless, the amount of Renaissance music in the public consciousness is not particularly large. I mean, c’mon, it was four hundred years ago! Who would listen to Renaissance tunes now? We only have a very faint understanding of what constitutes greatness in Renaissance music.

This is all to say that four hundred years from now we will still listen to Kendrick Lamar’s new album, “To Pimp a Butterfly”. People will write books about this album. There will be university professors around the world who study hip hop, and they will talk a lot about this album – the rest of the world is unsure why these university professors are even paid money to study such an archaic form of music. They will have moved on to “The Jet Stream With Three Tiers”, “Bushel of Tiger Sweat”, and “Imaginistic Polygonal Sensation”, to use their colloquial names. The future is so beautiful, and we must keep it absolutely safe at all times. This is all to say that I want you to donate to the future, give them money and lend a hand. I’ve got a couple of brochures if you want to learn more. Send me an email at truan1@swarthmore.edu

Beware Marauding Carp: Inaugural Edition

From left to right, Casey, Dana, Kara, and Emma.
From left to right, Casey, Dana, Kara, and Emma.

We had a great run! Thanks for listening, and be sure to tell your friends to tune in Fridays from 9-11am!

Thanks to Emma Madarasz and Dana Benton for spicing up our show!


<3 Carp-e Diem, Friends.

WSRN is down

Something has happened and the station isn’t turning on. It may be a blown fuse, we’ll try to get back up and running ASAP.

Broadcasting begins today!

Broadcasting begins in 8 hours! (technically)

You won’t be hearing much until 2pm today though. Thanks to Christine Jung for kicking off the semester with her show No Art! Here’s to a great semester of radio radio radio radioooo


big big big big meeting

Welcome back to radio swarthmore! fall 2014 radio!

If you haven’t received the big news we’re having a big meeting in the big room of radio on parrish 4th on wednesday at 10pm. We’ll be talking about radio stuff, really important questions like:

“what is radio?” “who does radio?” “where is radio?” “when is radio?” and “why radio?”

from mr. station manager axel kodat:

DJs, soon-to-be-DJs, Nancy Reagan,

Big Meeting (is the thing you should go to if you want a radio show)
Wednesday 9/10, 10 PM (is when it is)
WSRN Big Room (is where it is, on Parrish 4th, through the double doors near the kitchen)
Bring all ur friends.
And ur frenemies.
And ur enemies.
Cuz we’re a Big Happy Family.