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Now Playing: Thrash 'n' Trash
91.5 FM - Swarthmore College Radio

Now Playing: Thrash 'n' Trash

Thrash metal is the name of the game. But music from Lead Belly to Janis Joplin to Jimi Hendrix to Black Sabbath to Metallica to Soundgarden to Snoop Dogg to Marilyn Manson to the Fleet Foxes to Marian Hill to Rammstein will be played. Music will be played that suits every mood you could possibly be in. Chill, beautiful, and, most importantly, fucking head banging shit.

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At WSRN radio isn't just about modulating frequencies. Instead radio is about community and music. In that spirit, the station supports DJs with any level of experience and any area of musical interest. The result is some of the most organic and unique programming on the airwaves.

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